søndag den 3. juli 2011


Just writing something here... nobody reads it, but whatever.
I'm so nervous about starting at Gymnasium.
Really, really, really fucking nervous and scared.
I look weird, I have a different music taste, I'm awkward and shy.
I'm so worried that I won't get any friends xD
Maybe because I'm really sad right now, I can't see anything good about it.
Not even going to my 'dream school'.
Ugh, I feel kinda horrible right now xD

I had a nice weekend though.
And going to the cinema with Rasmus on wednesday!
But I have lots of work too.


tirsdag den 28. juni 2011


Sometimes I feel like dropping Kpop and go back to Jrock.
There's so many rumors, drama, many are fake, there's too many shows, too many performences etc.
But it's worth it. Super Junior, BEAST, FT Island and Block B - all those are especially worth it.
Because they're all amazing people.
+ you can't find any other idols as real as Block B.

I've never laughed and cried as much as I have as a Kpop fan♥
And I've gotten so many amazing friends.


lørdag den 11. juni 2011


Got home from Paris a couple of hours ago.
Still can't get the fact that I've seen Super Junior.
And SHINee, F(x), Girls Generation and TVXQ..
And Sungmin ;___; he's perfect omg...

I'm not gonna talk anymore about it, but it was amazing♥
And I really need hugs from Maiken and Silke right now,
because I only saw them for 5 minutes last night ;_;
lgbhgfbklgfilfjgblogfbgf xD

fredag den 3. juni 2011

I'm back!

Thought that I needed at place to write about my life again, just because tumblr is just not made for long rants about that lol.

Today I went to Copenhagen with Miw. We wanted to buy lightsticks for the SMTown concert, but we ended up shopping instead, because we couldn't find them ):
And damn it was so hot kfhrtolih.

There's 1 week left until SMTown in Paris..... I'm not mentally prepared for it haha.
But I can't wait!!!! I've never been in France, I'm so looking foward to it :D
And I'm also going to see some of the people from Norway.
It can only be good<3
And the main reason why we're going; Super Junior, SNSD, HoMin, F(x) and SHINee!
*spazz* I just can't fucking believe it.

I hope everybody is happy and all<3
Bye : D

lørdag den 30. oktober 2010

Last entry.

So I don't feel like writing here anymore /:
Or... well I suck at it xD

I'm only using tumblr, facebook and dA now.
Ask me about it if you don't have it (:

Bye <3

mandag den 9. august 2010

9 August. 2010

Oh well, Genki-con was okay (:
And I still have one week left before school starts.
I'll just enjoy it alone and with my computer <3
Before I have to spend the last year with my class.
The vacation just went by really fast /:

I'm reeeeeally excited for SuperShow3 now<3
Kibum is gonna be there ö Wauw.

Bye <3

mandag den 2. august 2010

2 August. 2010

Right now I'm sitting and going all crazy about how cute and fat my cat is ):
And just to keep the blog up, I wanted to update with something.

Genki-con 2010 is on friday... wow. So close.
And I haven't had the time to be excited or anything xD
I know the reason to the forgetting about it.... k-pop ):
Stupid k-pop.....
Messing everything my life up ;_; lol.
No really T___T sad but true.
Oh yes, genki -
I'm sooooooooooo nervous. I haven't talked with the people for so long.
And to like 2 meetups or events I couldn't come ):
I just feel like I'm losing cosplay things and my cosplay friends and other friends ;_;
Especially óne person. I hope you know I love you and I think about you everyday, even though we don't talk that much anymore..
But It's my own fault xD
I just have to realize that I'm so antisocial and do something about it.
But then I'm shy and I suck at making friends and LALALLADJADLJSLSIDKFLASIFGDSLI.

- Now I'm really excited to see all the people, forget all the bad things and enjoy the weekend<3
And later this month I'm going to 2 meetups : D
I remember summer 2009 where I was in 'the kings garden' like the whole summer xD

So now I have a little vacation from work.
I've worked like 30 hours this month, and normally I work like 20 or less xD
So I can't wait to get the money<3
Some of them is going to the Japan trip I'm saving up to,
and the others, well I found this online shop... and it's heaven ;_;